Flax adds some interest to the cotton.  Cotton blends with linen are more brittle than
plain cotton, so breaks might happen a little more.  Also, experiment with twist
direction to see which you like best with these blends.
Cottolin is a blend of 70%
cotton and 30% flax, just
enough to add the crispness
of linen to the cotton.  I love
spinning this blend and it is
one of the fibers that I get
ideas for projects from just
spinning it.
This blend is 50% brown cotton
and 50% flax.  It creates an
interesting yarn with lots of
character.  The higher flax content
makes it more brittle and a little
harder to work with on the
charkha (not too hard though).  It
might be better wet spun, but that
would be hard on our metal
spindles.  Beginners might want to
gain some experience with
cotton/linen blends before tackling
this fiber.
Lyolin is a blend of 1/3 cotton,
1/3 flax and 1/3 lyocell.  Lyocell
(a modern form of rayon) adds
strength, silkiness and sheen to
this blend.  Of the three blends
on this page, this is the
prettiest in my opinion and the
easiest to spin.  This is the
linen blend I would recommend
for beginners.
Cotton/Flax Blends