After all, this is what this web page is all about.  This list of fibers should
grow with time.  Click on a fiber category to see pictures, get fiber specific
spinning advice, etc.
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Cotton Breeds.
Naturally colored cottons.
Peruvian cottons.
Striped sliver cottons.
Other Cottons.
Cotton/Silk Blends.
Cotton/Wool Blends.
Cotton/Flax Blends.
Hemp Blends.
Lyocell and Ramie.
Extruded Fibers.

Fiber Index

70/30 Cotton/Silk        Cotton/Silk Blends
Acala        Cotton Breeds
Alpaca        TBA
Angel Wings        
Cotton/Silk Blends
Angora        TBA
Baby Alpaca (Suri)        TBA
Baby Llama/Kid Mohair        TBA
Extruded Fibers
Blue Sky        Other Cottons
Blue Thunder (Baby Alpaca/Angora/SoySilk)        TBA
Bombyx Silk       
Bombyx/Bamboo        Extruded Fibers
Brown Cotton/Flax        Cotton/Flax Blends
Camel        TBA
Camel/Silk        TBA
Caramel Swirl       
 Striped Sliver Cottons
Cashmere        Cashmere
Cashmere/Silk        Cashmere
Confetti        Other Cottons
Cottolin        Cotton/Flax Blends
Dappled Shade        Other Cottons
Dreamland        Lyocell and Ramie
Ecospun        Synthetics
Flash        Synthetics
Gold Dust        Cotton/Silk Blends
Golden Fleece        Cotton/Wool Blends
Green/White        Striped Sliver Cottons
Guanaco        TBA
 Hemp Blends
Hemp/Flax/Viscose        Hemp Blends
Ingeo         Extruded Fibers
Israeli        Cotton Breeds
Kid Mohair        TBA
Llama        TBA
Llama/Jacob        TBA
Cotton/Flax Blends
Mawata Silk        Silks
Natural Beige        Naturally Colored Cottons
Natural Brown        Naturally Colored Cottons
Natural Green        Naturally Colored Cottons
Natural White        Naturally Colored Cottons
Optim        TBA
Peruvian Avocado        
Peruvian Cottons
Peruvian Café        Peruvian Cottons
Peruvian Mauve        Peruvian Cottons
Peruvian Chocolate        Peruvian Cottons
Peruvian Tangius        Peruvian Cottons
Pima        Cotton Breeds
Rambouillet        TBA
RambouilletXJacob        TBA
Lyocell and Ramie
Reclaimed Denim        Other Cottons
Scythian Lamb        Cotton/Wool Blends
Sea Island        Cotton Breeds
Silk Latte       Extruded Fibers
Solar Flare        Other Cottons
Southdown        TBA
Soy Silk       
 Extruded Fibers
Soy Silk/Cashmere        Cashmere
Streakat        Striped Sliver Cottons
Tencel        Lyocell and Ramie
Tricolor        Striped Sliver Cottons
Tussah Silk        Silks
Upland        Cotton Breeds
Upland (Natural Brown)        Cotton Breeds
White Lightening        Hemp Blends
Yak        TBA