Hemp has been used for centuries in making rope and twine.  Now it has gained
popularity for making jewelry.
Watch your twist with hemp, it is
easy to add too much.  Also,
unless you are making rope or
jewelry, you might want to blend
hemp with another fiber.  It makes
an interesting yarn, but it is a bit
course for clothing.
This blend is 80% cotton
20% hemp.  The hemp
adds some bite and texture
to the cotton.  Of the three
blends on this page, this is
the best one for clothing.
I think this blend of hemp, flax and viscose
(a form of rayon) is pretty.  It is a bit
course, but it has an interesting texture.  
As with the other blends that contain flax,
play with twist direction on this one to
add more interest or to see what you like
Hemp Blends