These are cotton fibers that don't fit into the other cotton categories.  They spin easily
unless otherwise noted and make a nice yarn that often has a novel quality to it.
Blue Sky is a blend of reclaimed
denim and upland cotton.  It spins
easily and makes a pretty, faded
blue jeans like yarn.  The reclaimed
denim in this blend adds color and
texture to the upland cotton without
taking away too much strength.  I
have demonstrated with this fiber in
the past.
I got on a kick of spinning fibers that work best
when blended.  100% reclaimed denim is one of
these.  This fiber is very difficult to spin by itself,
it has the texture and staple length of dryer lint
with a few bits of thread thrown in for texture.  
However, it makes a really neat, bulky,
chenille-like yarn that, in my opinion, might be
worth the effort.  Beginners should not tackle this
Confetti is a novelty cotton sliver with
little bits of colored nylon thrown in.  It
spins easily and makes a fun, speckled
Pencil roving comes in the two colorways
shown here.  It has a little twist added, so
it is suggested that if you have trouble
drafting  this, to spin it "S"
(counter-clockwise, or opposite of the
twist).  Like a striped sliver, this makes a
variegated yarn,  but unlike striped sliver,
the roving determines the color change, not
the spinner.
Other Cottons