Striped sliver is a handspinner's answer to variegated yarn.  They are usually
made with a stripe of white or colored cotton and a stripe of contrasting color
or naturally colored cotton.  The neat part is with striped sliver, you have the
option of directing where the twist goes to create an evenly metered color
variation, or you can let the twist go where it wants to have truly random
variation (something you don't typically get in commercially produced
variegated yarn) like I did for these samples.
This natural green/white striped
sliver was neat to spin, because
the green is so pale before it was
boiled, it was difficult to tell it
apart from the white.  Then when
it was boiled, the color popped
out.  This is one of the neat things
about working with naturally
colored cotton, you don't know
exactly what you will get until the
yarn is boiled and finished.
This sliver is a little different
because the stripes are smaller
ribbons swirled throughout.  
This white sliver with natural
brown swirls creates a
somewhat speckled yarn.
If two colors are good,
then three must be even
better.  This sliver mixes
indigo dyed cotton,
white cotton and natural
brown to create a lovely
This mix of upland
cotton and blue sky
denim blend) was fun
to work with because it
creates this bleached
jean jacket look.
Striped Sliver Cotton