To let you know what's new on the site, and what I'm
working on...

As I build this site, I will try to keep a log of what I'm working on (on and offline) here.
02/07/08  Corrected Cherry Tree Socks Pattern

12/31/07  Corrected Strawberry Socks Pattern.  Added Cherry Tree Socks Pattern.

11/04/07  Added pictures of finished sock to Strawberry Socks Pattern

11/03/07  Added Patterns page, removed About Project page from main navigation bar and created a link to About Project
page from main page, Added Strawberry Socks Pattern.

10/30/07  Added link to blog; changed reference from cotton breeds to cotton varieties.

11/16/06  Added mailing address to Contact page.

11/10/06  Added page on charkha history.

12/28/05  Updated Guestbook.

12/17/05  Resized large picture files to download faster.

09/06/05-12/17/05  Taking a break from site to concentrate on school.  Spinning mohair for scarves for Christmas presents.

09/05/05  Plied Blue Fox, Angora/Lambswool blend and Qiviut.  Added Sassy's picture to the cashmere page.  Spinning Wolf
Hybrid.  Changed form on contact page.

09/04/05  Spinning Qiviut.

08/27/05  Added Guestbook

08/24/05  Added page for synthetics.  Added page for other cottons.

08/23/05  Added page for cashmere blends.

08/22/05  Added page for cotton breeds.

08/21/05 Fixed embedded content on lyocell page. Added page for extruded fibers.  Added fiber index.  Photographed
samples mounted on 08/13.  Combined fiber index and fibers page.  Added ingeo and silk latte to extruded fibers page.

08/13/05  Finished baby alpaca swatch, spinning lambswool/angora.  Mounted samples for sea island, pima, upland, upland
(natural brown), acala, camel, yak, alpaca, ecospun, ingeo, silk latte, guanaco, rambouillet,  southdown, reclaimed denim, blue
thunder, llama/jacob, cashmere/silk, flash, optim, solar flare.

08/12/05  Fixed errors on hemp page.  Added page for lyocell and ramie.  Knitting baby alpaca swatch.

08/11/05  Added page for cotton/flax blends.  Finished knitting swatch for Diva blend.  Removed mortar and pestle graphic
from all pages. Added page for hemp blends.

08/10/05  Added page for cotton/silk blends.  Added page for cotton/wool blends.

08/09/05   Announced new website.  Spinning Blue Fox roving.  Commissioned Dad to write story of the history of charkha.
 Added updates page. Checked on bug for submitting form on contact page, form works correctly on my computer, form
sent okay from computer with error.

08/04/05-08/08/05  Set up website.  Added main pages.  Added pages for colored cottons, Peruvian cottons, silks, striped